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World Travel

It’s been nearly two months since my last post, during which my racing and training has taken me to eight countries on three continents. It’s hard to regularly publish posts with this amount of travel, but I’ll try to be more regular going forward. When I last checked in I had just recovered from Covid…

Colombia and Covid

Since I last checked in, I’ve had some ups and downs. After a solid block of training in Los Angeles, I performed well at a few races in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. From there I traveled to Cali, Colombia, for my first experience representing the US at a Nations Cup, among the world’s highest tiers of track…

The Season Starts: Maine, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Colombia

Since my last post in March I wrapped up the spring semester, spent three weeks in Colorado for a high-altitude training camp, and am now in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania for a national team training camp and my first track races of the year. Soon I’ll be off to Colombia to race the third round of the…

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