Paris World Championships, Rotterdam, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Beyond

Hello all! It’s been five months since I last checked in. Life, training, and racing have been very busy the past few months, and I’ve got some great updates to share with you. In mid October, I competed in the Madison at the UCI track cycling World Championships in Paris, France. Following a steady two-monthContinue reading “Paris World Championships, Rotterdam, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Beyond”

The Season Starts: Maine, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Colombia

Since my last post in March I wrapped up the spring semester, spent three weeks in Colorado for a high-altitude training camp, and am now in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania for a national team training camp and my first track races of the year. Soon I’ll be off to Colombia to race the third round of theContinue reading “The Season Starts: Maine, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Colombia”

Los Angeles Training Camp

I’m currently writing from 30,000 feet as I fly back to Maine from Los Angeles, where I spent the past two weeks of Bowdoin’s (my university) spring break. The first half of my semester flew by, with classes, riding, and cross-country skiing taking up most of my time. Although Maine winters are wonderful for skiing,Continue reading “Los Angeles Training Camp”

German Racing, Velodrome Physics, and Back to France

After a small break from racing in mid-May, I drove northeast from Chambéry to the small southern German town of Singen. My route went east across Switzerland, then north from Zurich. Surprisingly, border control was non-existent, even with Covid still a major concern in Europe. I just drove across. My destination was a two-day trackContinue reading “German Racing, Velodrome Physics, and Back to France”

Track and Road Racing in Full Swing

The past month has been a whirlwind of travel and racing.  France was in its third national lockdown for most of April, which meant a few weeks without racing. Having been sick just a few weeks earlier, the lull in racing let me ease back into training. It took three weeks to bounce back fromContinue reading “Track and Road Racing in Full Swing”

Viruses, Velodromes, and Visibility

Since I last checked in two weeks ago, there have been several developments here in the foothills of the Alps. Most importantly, France went into its third national Covid lockdown, this time for the totality of April. For the public, this means continuing the 7pm to 6am curfew, closing nonessential businesses, and now a 10kmContinue reading “Viruses, Velodromes, and Visibility”